“About the Author”

Exsayana Flores
3 min readJul 19, 2019


Hi! My name is Exsy! I am twenty years old and in two months I will be turning the age everyone dreams about! The big TWO-ONE!! I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and still am living in Las Vegas! Despite Vegas always being super hot, I love living here. I attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas and currently studying Journalism with a focus on sports broadcasting. I am in a sorority at UNLV called Zeta Tau Alpha. I have been in Zeta for about three years now and I also hold the position as secretary for my sorority.

“Photo credit: Exsy Flores”

I currently work at Starbucks as a barista and have been working here for three years. It was my first job as soon as I graduated high school. I love coffee so I thought working at a coffee shop would be super fun! I soon hope to hang up my green apron and move on, but for now being a barista is great! I made so many great relationships with my co-workers and customers.


Another interesting fact about me is that I love health and fitness. I have grown up around the fitness industry since my dad use to be a body builder. He showed me the ways and tricks of the gym from the age of thirteen, since that was the oldest you had to be to own a gym membership. Ever since then, the gym has been my second home and I even help train some of my friends. The gym is my get away from all the stress and worries in life. Maybe one day I can even step in my dads shoes and compete in body building.

Since I have a focus in sports broadcasting, one of my main media interest would be film and TV. I love being in front of the camera and showing my out-going personality. My ultimate goal in this career path would be working/broadcasting with the NFL. Another media interest I have, would be social media. Social media is everywhere and can even be used for any career. Social media is also a great source to use for any marketing.


A question I have about media is, “when did media start to really become popular?” I know media has been around for quite a while, but it would be interesting to know when exactly it became main stream. Another interesting question would be “how to know the difference between real and fake news.” This is something that would probably be difficult to tell, but maybe there are a few things that you could look out for. Finally my third question would be “How important is media?”