Why The Raiders Are A Good Fit For Las Vegas

Exsayana Flores
2 min readOct 4, 2020


After so many years, and being the entertainment capital of the world, it was about time Las Vegas had their own NFL team. Las Vegas has slowly started to create their own teams in different professional sports like the NHL and WNBA. So it only makes sense that Las Vegas finally got their own NFL team. Bringing in their first NFL team, also means building their brand new football stadium. The Allegiant Stadium altogether cost $2 billion and was ready to open and host a first game September 21, 2020.


Why exactly are the Raiders a good fit for Las Vegas? Why did Las Vegas choose to have the Raiders as their NFL team? The Raiders have a pretty big fanbase and one of the best fan bases. Raider fans have stayed fans even through some hard seasons. Which is why Raiders say, “Once a Raider, always Raider.”

Hall-of-Famer, Al Davis, who owned the Raiders, Las Vegas was one of the cities he loved to come visit. Former Raider Matt Millen, mentioned how Al Davis for his birthday would fly out a bunch of people to Las Vegas and they would celebrate big. Al Davis always loved Las Vegas. If Al Davis was alive still, he would be ecstatic to move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas and become the Las Vegas Raiders. With the fanbase having their saying“Once a Raider, always a Raider” it fits with the Las Vegas saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Whether or not you agree with having the Raiders move to Las Vegas, it’s pretty exciting for Las Vegas to finally have a NFL team. When the Allegiant Stadium can finally start seating fans, it would even be more exciting to see the new beautiful stadium be put to work. Having a new sports team in Las Vegas also means bringing much more money into Vegas. After having a huge hit in the economy/hospitality due to the corona virus, having sports teams would help boost back up our economy when fans can start showing up to games again. Especially since the stadium hasn’t opened up to fans yet, everyone is going to be excited to finally see the inside in person.

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